Our story

In March, 2009, at thirty-one years of age, Kerri Midkiff received the diagnosis of breast cancer. Married for eight years, Brian and Kerri had two girls who were only six and four. This diagnosis was a life interruption they never expected.

The doctors took great care of Kerri through a double mastectomy, reconstruction, a full hysterectomy and 18 weeks of chemotherapy.

The emotional toll of cancer was greater than Kerri and Brian had anticipated. Kerri could heal from her surgeries, but how could she explain cancer to her young daughters?

Going to a cancer support center provided the Midkiff family with peace and understanding. Unfortunately, the support center was an hour and twenty minutes away from home. The drive was a burden to a healing family. Then, inspiration hit!  Kerri needed to bring this essential help and comfort closer to home.  Her dream blossomed into Hope Center.

On December 31st, 2013, six days before Hope Center opened, Kerri was given the news of re-occurrence.  Volunteers helped her open Hope Center, despite the obstacle, and have been helping ever since.

Kerri remained  in treatment for her metastasized breast cancer for the next four years.   Throughout her journey, she offered prayer, love, information, leadership and support through Hope Center to families facing cancer.

On May 7, 2018, at age 40, Kerri  gained her wings after a courageous battle.  Second to being a loving mother and wife, her passion was to help others with their cancer journey.  Today, her family, friends and the Northwest Indiana community continue Kerri’s legacy by helping families facing cancer through Hope Center.   Inspired by Kerri’s love, friendship, grace and faith, hope endures.